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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

An integrated circuit is a set of electronic circuits in a single chip incorporated together to perform a specific function Integrated circuit (IC) sometimes called a chip or microchip. It is a wafer of semiconductor material (usually silicon) on which multiple transistors, capacitors and resistors are fabricated.

  • Clock and Timing 
  • Data Converter ICs 
  • Embedded Processors and Controllers
  • Interface ICs 
  • Linear ICs
  • Logic ICs 
  • Memory 
  • Power Management ICs
  • RF Semiconductors and Devices 


Discrete Semiconductors

Devices designed to perform basic electronic functions

Discrete semiconductors perform basic functions in electronic circuits, such as rectification (diodes), amplification (transistors) and switching (transistors and thyristors). They typically have two or three terminals.


  • Diodes VISHAY NXP 
  • Rectifier Diodes
  • Schottky Diodes 
  • Zener Diodes 
  • Thyristors
  • DIACs, SIDACs 
  • SCRs  T
  • RIACs 
  • Transistors
  • BJTs 
  • IGBTs 
  • JFETs